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Discover the successful Vana® Monte DP96


We offer the successful ingredient Vana® Monte DP96 as instant whipping agent creating the ultimate aeration in a multitude of delicious desserts: from instant whipped cream and mousse products to Italian ice cream, decoration and filling applications.


Putting your products to a higher level with Vana® Monte DP96:

  • The first whipping agent made of refined non-HVO vegetable oils, responding to the palm-free trend.

  • In instant cake filling, ice cream and (acid) mousses offering a superb taste and creamy light texture.


Vana® Monte DP96 offers unique properties :

  • Coconut oil based and non-palm emulsifier

  • Non-HVO and low TFA level

  • Clean label

  • Superb foam performance

  • Excellent aeration

  • Clean and brilliant taste and colour release

  • Acid stable

  • Optimal solubility

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