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Colartix: Flex in Motion

Flex in motion for young and old - Colartix

Colartix®, hydrolysed collagen matrix offers multiple benefits for healthy joints, substantiated by scientific studies

Colartix® is a unique hydrolysed cartilage matrix with hydrolysed type I, II & III collagen in the form of bioactive peptides and matrix components:

  • Extracted from cartilage, naturally rich in chondroitin sulphate
  • Unique composition with the same matrix ingredients as human cartilage
  • Fast bioavailability
  • Various health benefits for joints including reduction of joint inflammation, ensuring cushioning, suppleness and protection of cartilage.


Using Colartix® for a unique positioning of your 'joint health' supplement in the market

As a nutraceutical for consumers with an active, healthy lifestyle, Colartix ® offers the perfect solution:

  • A completely natural, biologically active, quality ingredient with an immediate effect
  • Low daily dosage for maximum convenience
  • Perfect for formulating capsules/tablets and incorporating into food and drinks

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