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Sweeteners and natural sugar substitutes

Our sweeteners are natural solution for sweetening your products. They offer extra sweetness without extra calories.
As well as stevia, there are other natural solutions with sweetening capacity, such as FMPs (Flavours with Modifying Properties). These natural flavourings have no taste of their own but produce remarkable flavour profiles in combination with other components. FMPs are used to boost flavours, strengthen sweetness and mask unpleasant tastes. In short: they are the secret ingredients for an optimal flavour experience!



  • Premium stevia: > 99,5% Reb. A
  • Standard stevia: 95% steviol glycosides

FMP’s (Flavours with Modifying Properties)


  • Stronger sweetness
  • Flavour boost
  • Mask unpleasant tastes / bitterness / proteins





  • Stronger sweetness
  • Replace sugar
  • No extra calorie content
  • Mask unpleasant tastes / bitterness / proteins


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