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Our range of starches has excellent functional properties and can be used widely in meat, fish and vegetarian applications. The good stability and water-binding capacity of our starch range make it a cost-efficient choice for your applications.
We pay particular attention to market demands, such as affordable and functional starches.


Native/modified/clean label potato starch


  • High water-binding capacity and peak viscosity
  • Improves texture and mouthfeel
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Neutral taste and clear gel after cooling
  • Stress resistant (pH, temperature, shear)
  • Both native starch and modified starches available (clean label and chemically modified)


Native/modified/clean label wheat starch


  • Suitable for adhesion, coatings, etc.
  • Emulsifying effect
  • Stress resistant (pH, temperature, shear)




  • Extensive range of native, clean label and modified starch
  • Cold and hot water binding
  • Stress resistant (pH, stable for freezing and defrosting)
  • Better water retention during shelf life
  • Cost-efficient



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