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We have a wide range of spray-dried pyrophosphates (TSPP, SAPP, STPP, etc.) and phosphate mixtures that can be used in various milk and dairy products such as (melting) cheeses, cheese sauces and dips, milky drinks, artificial creams, fermented dairy products, instant pudding, cheesecake, cream-based soups, ice cream and dessert toppings.
Phosphate salts permit pH buffering, bind minerals and change the protein load, leading to a better yield and pleasant texture.


    Kasomel™ as a pH-regulator: buffering effect on acid/alkaline pH in combination with other Kasomel™ salts.


    Kasomel™ for spreadable/sliceable cheeses: ensures a pumpable, fluid cheese in the production process and prevents hardening in the end product.


    Kasomel™ for processed cheese blocks: ensures a fluid paste during the heating process and a firm final texture.


    Kasomel™ mixtures can also be supplied as agglomerates (on request) with improved solubility of the mixture, faster pH setting and no clumping with pneumatic transport or storage in humid places.

    DSP is added to milk for pasteurisation or spray drying to prevent protein denaturisation and ensure efficient protein dispersion upon rehydration.


    TSPP ensures the cocoa remains in suspension in chocolate milk.


    DSP or TSPP can be added to ice cream to prevent the milk fat from curdling.


    In dairy recipes with alginate, phosphates help with gel formation and the controlled release of calcium.

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