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We have a wide range of spray-dried pyrophosphates (TSPP, SAPP, STPP, etc.) and phosphate mixtures, all developed for the meat industry. Our pyrophosphates ensure improved moisture retention, a more pleasant texture and good colour development.
The Carfosel™ mixtures bind water to proteins, resulting in a more tender end product. The meat retains its juicy appearance, natural nutritional properties, texture and colour.



Carfosel™ blend: a wide range of phosphate mixtures. Carfosel™ increases yield and preserves texture.


Carfosel™Instant: improved solubility and dissolving speed. These properties are particularly useful in extreme conditions such as brine with a very high salt concentration. Carfosel™Instant ensures optimal brine homogeneity and stable processing conditions.


STPP phosphates: a wide range of spray-dried STPPs with various particle sizes, bulk density and hydration levels.



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