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We have a wide range of spray-dried pyrophosphates (TSPP, SAPP, STPP, etc.) and phosphate mixtures, all developed for the baking industry. Acid pyrophosphates (SAPP) are commonly used leavening agents for doughs. They react with sodium bicarbonate for a controlled release of CO2 that improves the volume, appearance and taste of all kinds of baked goods.


Acid sodium pyrophosphate is suitable for products with a longer baking time.


  • Praylev™ Slowpyro has a very slow DRR (dough rate reaction) and is mostly used in the production of refrigerated cookie doughs and cookies.
  • Praylev™ Pyro has a moderate DRR (dough rate reaction) and is mostly used in the production of tortillas and wraps, all kinds of baking mixes for cookies, and baking powder.
  • Praylev™ Fastpyro has a fast DRR (dough rate reaction) and is mostly used for products with a short baking time, such as cake and home baking powders.

Calcium phosphates are used in bakery products with a short baking time.


Monocalcium phosphates (MCPM, MCPA)


  • These are used in the production of crackers, biscuits, waffles, cakes and pancakes.
  • Used to acidify the dough, or to improve yeast activity (calcium propionate) or amylase activity.
  • Prevents bread from smelling ‘fruity’ or getting sticky
  • For retail and industrial baking powders


Dicalcium phosphates (DCPD)


  • Only react at approximately 60 degrees Celsius or hotter, making them suitable for baking mixes and applications with a delayed CO2 release.
  • Like monocalcium phosphates, they can be used to reduce the sodium or salt content, as an alternative to SAPPs.

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