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We’re proud to announce the newest foaming creamer range for new heights in indulgence


Two brand new ingredients, Vana® Cappa 25W and Vana® Cappa 40V, offer unparalleled foam height and versatility for an indulgent cappuccino or chocolate experience.


Vana® Cappa 25W

Vana® Cappa 25W is perfect for hot drinks requiring high foam such as Cappuccino and Latte. This Vana® Cappa creates a structure for a smooth mouthfeel and a premium milky taste.

Unique properties:

  • Superior foam height

  • Good foam texture

  • Excellent taste

  • Non-HVO

  • Concentrated in dairy solids


Vana® Cappa 40V

Vana® Cappa 40V  is a versatile foaming creamer and gives a firm texture providing a spoonable foam and a smooth moutfheel. It's declaration friendly (no glucose syrup) and perfect for family-pack packaging.

Unique properties:

  • Premium creamy taste

  • Cost-in use posibilities

  • Non-HVO

  • Versatile in end application

  • Concentrated in fat and dairy solids


For more information on the Vana® Cappa products, see here.