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Liquified oat fibers rich in beta-glucans


Liquified oat fibers (in powder form) rich in beta-glucans can be used in a large number of applications to add taste and nutrition. It is a natural product which forms a stable suspension and reduces the need for additives.

  • Careful selection, modification, optimization and combination of specific bio-processing and oat raw materials.

  • A patented technology for producing liquified oats from fiber-rich oat raw materials is used.

  • The use of liquified oat fibers avoids the slimy texture normally found when soluble fiber (e.g. beta-glucan) is added.

  • The use of liquified oat fibers avoids the sandy sensation normally found when insoluble fiber is added.

Health claims

The liquified oat fibers meet the EFSA regulation for the beta-glucan health claim. A 50% inclusion level of liquified oat bran results in a beta-glucan content of 0,75g/100 ml. Higher content is possible depending on application and selection of oat raw material. The technology secures the well-known cholesterol lowering properties of oats,  which has been confirmed in several clinical studies.

Health claims are targeting

  • cardiovascular health

  • blood glucose control

  • promotion of gut health

  • weight management


Any oat raw material of customers choice can be applied as ingredient in several applications:

  • Liquified oat bran (high fibre and beta-glucan contents, suits health claims and innovation in full fibre products); an instant version in powder form is also available

  • Liquified whole oats (utilizing milled whole oat grains keeping all the goodness of oats, suitable for whole grain concepts)

  • Liquified oats (where oat is a benefit but low fibre is desired)

Liquified oat fibers are an ideal ingredient in a broad range of applications, such as:

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