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Grain, seeds (soya, etc.) and derivates

We have an extensive selection of natural flour types, including ones based on a wide range of gluten-free grains and pulses, including soya flour. The flour types have texturing, gelling and thickening properties. They can be used in various recipes, with particular attention to clean label and allergen-free applications. Our flour types are of European origin and ProTerra certified.

Areas of application: bread, sweet baked goods, fine confectionary, waffles, extruded breakfast solutions, cookies, wraps, snacks, nutrition bars, etc.



  • Enzyme inactive, full-fat soya flour based on roasted soya beans


  • Improves mixing tolerance
  • Pleasant, nutty taste
  • Improves water/fat distribution
  • Increases moisture and freshness
  • Improves texture and yield
  • Roasting makes the flour ready for use with no further heat treatment


  • Enzyme active, full-fat soya flour


  • High lipoxygenase content
  • Softer, finer crumb
  • Increases water-binding capacity
  • Increases baked volume
  • Improved dough plasticity
  • Naturally contains lecithin, which acts as an emulsifier






  • Texturing, thickening and stabilisation
  • Increased processing tolerance and shelf-life stability
  • Improves texture and yield
  • Not genetically modified
  • European origin
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