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Fat powders

Ingrizo has a wide range of fat powders for the savoury market. Using encapsulated oils or fats enables you to make soups and sauces without an oily film on the surface. Instead, they have a deliciously creamy appearance and mouthfeel. Our products can be used, for example, in instant soups such as tomato or mushroom soup, bechamel sauce, mashed potatoes and meal replacements.
Fat powders can easily be premixed, and they increase the shelf life of the fats you use. Thus the long-term price stability offers a considerable economic advantage. Thanks to our experience and our extensive range, we can offer a suitable solution for every application.



  • Free-flowing fat powders replace liquid or solid fats
  • Flexible choice of fat/oil used (sunflower oil, milk fat, butter, soya, cream, etc.)
  • Economic advantage of premixes
  • Easy to incorporate into premixes
  • Increase shelf life
  • Vegetarian and plant-based solutions
  • Long-term price stability




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