Actively participating in research

Ingrizo is actively involved in various research projects and academic programmes. Ingrizo maintains close ties with reputable knowledge centres and Flemish universities and colleges in this context. Ingrizo also has its own application kitchen to test specific recipes for its customers. 

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Latest news

BRC certificate for Food and Health ingredients and additives

Ingrizo is BRC certified


We are proud to announce that Ingrizo has been certified for the Global Standard BRC Agents and Brokers. This is the confirmation and the result of a continuous improvement process of supplying high quality speciality Food and Health ingredients and additives in our Benelux markets.

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FrieslandCampina Kievit Wins FiE Innovation Award


Thursday 3 December 2015 - FrieslandCampina Kievit, global supplier of premium ingredients to the world’s most loved food and beverage brands, is proud to announce that it has won the FiE Innovation Award 2015 in the category ‘Best Beverage Innovation’.

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Vélo Afrique


Vélo Afrique is a group of volunteers who are ,beside their  daily job and the family, spending extra times and efforts for Vélo Afrique . The organization ' Velo Afrique " has been active for several years, building  local schools  by organizing bike tours in Africa ( Senegal and Cameroon).

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Recent innovations

sustainably produced vanillin with extra preserving effects

Vanillin ex-lignin: premium taste, sustainable production and extra preservation effects


Ingrizo can offer a range of different types of vanillin and natural vanilla flavors.

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New range of creamers and foamers

Innovative creamers & foamers


For decades, coffee creamers or whiteners are indispensable at the coffee machine. Their technology is however still making huge leaps forward.

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Spices and herbs

Natural pepper flavors


The use of spices brings certain risks. Scientific studies show these are often highly microbiologically and chemically contaminated.

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